Three Places To Splurge On Space When You Build A Custom Home

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For anyone who is working with a custom home builder to design a custom home, it's important to look not only at amenities, but also at square footage. For example, while you might want several different features in your en-suite bathroom, unless you also devote enough square footage to this space, you may not enjoy using the features as much because the area feels cramped. More space costs a little more money, but don't be so committed to keeping the cost of the project under a certain amount that you end up short-changing yourself in certain parts of your home — and perhaps make it more difficult to eventually sell your home for your desired price. Here are three areas for which you'll want to splurge on space.

Master Bedroom

Spacious master bedrooms aren't just pleasant for the homeowners — they're also a highly coveted item when you sell. Even if you aren't thinking about selling, think about your enjoyment of this important part of your home. You want to easily be able to fit your bed and some pieces of furniture while still having ample floor space to navigate the room. Some people like the idea of doing yoga in the morning, and having enough floor space to do so in the master bedroom can be highly appealing. You won't regret designing your custom home to have a larger master bedroom.


A cramped kitchen can wear on you and your family in a short amount of time. Competing for counter space, bumping into each other as you're preparing food, and even being unable to swing open the refrigerator door because of someone being in the way can all make you regret not splurging for more floor space when you did the design. You can avoid this uncomfortable feeling altogether by making the kitchen larger than you think it needs to be.


A garage isn't just a place to park your vehicle. It can also be one of the best spots in your home for storage. As such, you should not only ensure that a garage is part of your custom home design, but you should also think about opting for a two-car garage. Even if you don't feel that you'll immediately use this space, you'll almost certainly appreciate it in the future. Whether you get a sports car that you only drive during the summer, recreational vehicles, or just a lot of children's toys and sports equipment, having a larger garage attached to your custom home will be handy.

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