Look For A Two-Story Living Room When You Shop For A Single-Family Home

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When you're browsing the local real estate market in the hopes of finding a single-family home in which to raise your young children, it's important to evaluate the child-friendly features. A two-story living room might seem posh for entertaining your adult friends, but it's also a valuable feature for families with children. As you look at the different properties for sale, it's worthwhile to keep those with two-story living rooms in mind. Should a house with this feature meet your other criteria, scheduling a private showing to see if this is the right single-family home for you is the next step. Here are some reasons that this feature is ideal for your situation.

Easier On The Ears

In small spaces, noises often sound amplified. This means that if your children are energetically playing in a living room with a standard-height ceiling, the result can be a lot of noise. Even in a larger home, this noise can be audible from not only immediately around the living room, but also from well beyond it — and this might not be the situation that you covet. Conversely, a two-story living room won't sound nearly as noisy when your children are playing, which can be a lot more bearable for you. This is especially true if your kids have friends over and there are several children playing in the living room.

Better For Children's Activities

You'll appreciate just how often the two-story living room comes in handy for different children's activities. If one of your children is playing with any sort of aerial-focused toy, such as a small remote-control helicopter, the excess space in this area will allow him or her to fly it. This activity is best for outdoors, but on a rainy or snowy day, your children may want to enjoy such toys indoors.

Feeling Of More Space

Even though you aren't using the upper half of the room in a two-story living room, you can't help but feel as though you have more space. Whether you're playing with your children in this part of your home, holding a birthday party with several neighborhood kids, or entertaining adult friends, the feeling of more space is something that you'll appreciate each time you're in this part of your home. Many two-story living rooms have upper windows, too, which helps to dramatically improve the brightness of the room and further increase the feeling of space.

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