Open House Details To Assess When You'Re Selling Your Condo

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When you've listed your condo for sale and you're preparing an open house, there are several factors that you'll need to keep in mind. If you've sold a single-family home in the past, many elements of the open house will be the same. However, because your current listing has some unique elements — namely, that it's in a building, rather than stands on its own — there are several details that you'll need to work out before you begin to advertise your open house. Here are three things that are important to specify.

Explain The Parking

At an open house for a single-family home, attendees know to either park in the driveway, depending on its size, or on the street near the house. This is simple enough that you don't need to specify any instructions. However, when you're advertising an open house for a condo, it's useful to give attendees some information about how to park. For example, you may need to specify that attendees should park in the spots marked "visitor" in your building's parking lot, and that if these spots are occupied, they can consider street parking on a specific street.

Detail Access To The Building

Attendees to an open house at a single-family home can ring the doorbell or walk right in, however, this isn't the case at a condo. Generally, people who arrive at a condo building will need to either have a key or get buzzed into the building through the secure front door. You'll need to provide the buzzer code in your open house advertising; buzzers are associated with a resident directory in the lobby, and attendees won't know your name and thus won't be able to look up the code. In some cases, your real estate agent will have an assistant sit in the lobby to greet people and show them where to go.

Confirm A Sign-In And Sign-Out Process

At open houses, it's common for real estate agents to ask people if they wish to leave their name so that the listing agent can follow up with any details about the house for sale. When you're selling your condo, such a sheet may be necessary, but with a twist. Your property manager may ask that your agent uses a sheet to sign people in and out of the building for the open house. In this case, your agent needs to convince people that he or she won't solicit them just because their names are on the sheet. The agent should remind people that this is an important security measure.

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