Want Privacy In A Condo? Analyze Each Unit For Certain Features

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When you decide to buy a single-family home, you can easily maximize privacy by searching in rural locations with distant neighbors. But, you may not be interested in owning a single-family home or buying in a rural community. If you are interested in buying a condo in a city, you will have a difficult time obtaining the same level of privacy that you could get in a rural property.

But, this does not mean that you must sacrifice a great deal of privacy. You just need to get creative with your condo unit analysis and demand the right features.

Shared Amenities

Most condos have shared amenities such as a laundry room, hot tub, and pool. Some condo communities even have pet play areas, playgrounds, tennis courts, and basketball courts. The best way to handle these amenities is to find a condo unit that is far away from them. Although it will take longer to walk to these amenities, this distance will provide you with more privacy.

Another way that you can reduce how many people walk by your condo is by avoiding a unit that is near any parking. Ideally, you want your unit to be towards the back of the whole complex. This means that anyone who ends up near your condo will likely live in one of the units nearby.


When looking at units in person, you should look at where all the windows are located. Then, you should see where they look at and whether people can easily see inside. You may want to prioritize units on the second or third floor because it will keep people from seeing inside. Also, you should consider avoiding units have windows that look directly into other condo units.

Finding a condo with mature trees nearby may provide some visual blockades for the windows. If you do not mind looking out at well-maintained trees, you can prioritize this feature.


If you want to have a condo that comes with a patio, you should look for private features. Some first-floor condos may have the patio next to the pathway that all the residents take. When looking at bottom floor units, you should prioritize patios that look out at the landscaping. An even better situation is when the landscaping blocks any outside viewing into your patio.

Finding these features in a condo will make you confident when it comes to buying one. For more information on single family homes for sale near you, contact a local real estate agent. 

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