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Are you a tech hobbyist, tech business professional, or field service technician? If having a decent internet connection and being close to hardware stores can make or break your career, or at least ruin one of your favorite hobbies, you need to factor in a few different home features and amenities to make sure that your home matches your lifestyle. Here are a few tech housing choices to help you move into a comfortable, advanced, and efficient housing situation.

Building Features

Before anything else, make sure that the home has a thorough electrical inspection. Although all homes should have an electrical inspection, it's especially crucial to tech households to avoid damaging electronics and losing services needed for your systems.

In addition to the electrical wiring quality, you should consider the electrical outlet placement. Electrical outlet position can determine how your computers, printers, networking devices, and other tech systems are arranged, which can change your room layout and organization. Although some tech lifestyles can benefit from a bit of organized chaos as aesthetic wiring streams to a cool-looking set of patch panels, most people will be dealing with an extension cable mess.

Modern wireless internet doesn't need a lot of consideration, but there are times when walls may be too thick for wireless to penetrate properly. Bringing in a wireless modem and checking the signal, whether it's connected to the internet or not, can give you a quick idea of how well the home will handle a home wireless network.

Communications Options And Safety From Monopolies

Some towns and neighborhoods have an unfortunate Internet Service Provider (ISP) monopoly problem. If an ISP is the only option for your home, you may run into issues with demanding good, useful service.

Although all businesses should strive for excellence and fairness with their customers, an ISP doesn't have much incentive to improve if there's no other competition. Many ISPs include a minimum service level in their contract such as 70% up-time and/or speed for their national planning, but your local branch of the ISP may not hold up their end of the bargain often.

You could take the matter to court and waste a lot of your personal time, or you could avoid the drama by searching for homes in areas with multiple ISPs. Your threats to walk away from your current plan in favor of a competitor will likely be taken seriously, and you may end up with a few discounts if you stay.

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