Your House Is Still Sitting On The Market: Why?

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Selling a house opens up new possibilities for your family. You might be custom-building on a new property or moving to a brand new state. However, none of that can be truly focused on until you sell the current home. If your house has been languishing on the local real estate market for some time now, you may question why. Consider these possible buyer concerns.

Is Your Price Abnormally High?

After all the money you've spent improving the place, keeping it up and paying for it, you want a return on your financial investment. That's natural. Your realtor may have suggested a lower price, but you may have resisted it because you think your house is worth much more. 

However, think of it from a buyer's viewpoint: is the house selling for the same price as others nearby? Do the house features really justify such a high price? When you start to think of it from the perspective of a family that just wants to live in the neighborhood, you may agree with your realtor that your asking price needs to slide down a bit.

Must Repairs Be Made?

You may think everything is working great inside the house. You might be right--for now. No buyer is eager to purchase property that will fall apart after they sign a deed. You can make them more confident about the house's condition by asking a home inspector to have a look at the place.

Home inspectors check HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems to ensure both you and possible buyers that things are functioning well. If a boiler or heater is coming to the end of its lifecycle, you'll be notified and can share that detail with a serious buyer. If there are some areas you must improve, buyers might expect that you'll give them somewhat of a discount.

Does the House Feel Like Yours?

Open house events give each visitor a glimpse of what life could be in the house. Your ability to make them feel as if they're in their new home can encourage or discourage offers. If your bright orange walls great visitors, that can be distracting and it can be harder for them to see the house as anything but yours. Your realtor should be able to point out areas where you can make things more generic and neutral so that people can project their own colors and preferences onto the space.

When you think like a buyer, you can start to understand why your house is on the market and how to get it off much sooner. Strategize with your real estate services; their ideas will assist you in readying your home for a sale soon.

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