What Needs Revealing When Selling Your Home

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When you are going to be selling your home, you want to have a clear understanding of the things you should reveal and the things you may not necessarily want or need to reveal to those looking at the home. Here is some information to help you have a good understanding of what should be revealed and what doesn't need to be revealed:

You are planning on taking something with you – If there is anything in the home or the yard that a buyer would naturally assumes comes with the house, but you plan on taking it with you, then you should make sure the buyer knows your intentions of removing the item. A few examples of what these things may be include a chandelier hanging in the family room, a dog run that's set up in the back yard or a storage shed that is currently on the property. You won't want to sell the house without making it clear, in writing even, that these types of things aren't included.

You plan on selling the home in as-is condition – If there are little things here and there that need to be taken care of for the hoe to be considered as being in move-in condition and you don't not plan on taking care of these things, let the buyer know. Explain that the house is being sold as-is and that this has already been reflected in the price. By letting them know that it is already reflected in the price, you will be removing their ability to use those things as a bargaining tool in order to get you to go down in price.

You don't have to disclose that your neighbors are difficult to deal with – You may feel that your neighbors are so hard to live near that it seems like something you should disclose as an honest person. However, the fact of the matter is you shouldn't disclose this to potential buyers for some different reasons. One reason you shouldn't disclose it is because it will give your home a negative feel to the potential buyers when there may be no need for it. Another reason is that it really just may be the way the two households react to one another that has caused your problems to begin with. There is no reason to expect that the new buyers will have any problems with your neighbors. In fact, they may get along great living near one another.

For more help, speak with a local real estate agent.

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