What You Can Learn From A House's Listing

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Are you currently looking at homes for sale? If so, you may feel overwhelmed at all of the different listings that you must sort through to find your dream house. You definitely do not want to waste time touring houses that are not what they appear to be in the listing, which is why it helps to know what to look out for.

The Listing Is Missing Photos

Any homeowner that is proud of their house is going to take a lot of photos to show it off. What you'll want to watch out for is when certain parts of the house are missing from the photos. For example, it may be a house with two bathrooms, but only one bathroom is photographed, or the kitchen is nowhere to be seen.

These are signs that there could be something wrong with the house that the owners are trying to hide. While most buyers know about the tricks that can be done with staging and fisheye lenses, be wary when entire parts of a house are not shown in the listing.

Nobody Is Currently Living In The House

Does the house look like it has been recently remodeled, but the house is void of any sort of items that makes it apparent that people are living in it? This could tell you that the house is being flipped by the seller.

While a flipped home can be perfectly fine, it can give you an idea of what to expect when negotiating with the seller. They will be trying to make money off the sale of the house, so may be harder to deal with when trying to get a better price.

The Area is Described As Up-And-Coming

A listing will never say that the house is located in an area that isn't nice, but there are words that sellers use to describe a property in the best light possible. Saying a neighborhood is up-and-coming does not really mean anything. The neighborhood may be turning around for the better, but it hasn't happened yet

The Listing Uses Words Like Vintage and Rustic

Other words to watch out for include vintage and rustic. These words can be used to describe a house's quality if it is on the older side. Instead of calling items outdated, such as a kitchen, it may be described as vintage. A house that's rustic looking may actually be run down a bit.

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