Pros And Cons Of Mirrors In Your House For Sale

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When you're selling your home, there are many different fixtures around the residence to look at and evaluate whether they're helping or hurting. Those that are augmenting the look of your home are obviously worth keeping, while you should look for ways to change those that might turn off some prospective buyers. Mirrors can easily fall into either category, so it's worthwhile to carefully assess each mirror in your home and decide how it's contributing. Here are some pros and cons that you might encounter.

Pro: They Create The Illusion Of Spaciousness

Perhaps the biggest advantage of mirrors in your home when you're trying to sell is that they create the illusion of more space. Professional designers and average homeowners alike often rely on mirrors to make individual rooms feel larger. When it comes time to have potential buyers visit your home and decide if it's right for them, the presence of mirrors in several rooms can be a definite plus.

Con: They Can Look Dated

In many cases, built-in mirrors can have a dated appearance. For example, if you have large sliding closet doors in your master bedroom and the house was built in the 1980s, the mirrors may be tinted a brownish hue and could have faux-brass trim. While there are undoubtedly some potential buyers who might favor this look, this won't likely be the consensus — and some people might be scared away or tempted to offer less for your home.

Pro: They Can Add Beauty

While the average inexpensive mirror might not do much for the visual appeal of your home, the right mirror in the right space can definitely boost the beauty of your residence. For example, a mirror in the living room above the mantle that boasts a barnboard frame can offer a striking appearance that immediately draws people into the space. Even if you're taking the mirror with you when you move out, there's no denying that its presence can be important for buyers.

Con: They Can Show Undesirable Areas

If you have a mirror that isn't hung in the right spot in your home, it can be a drawback because its reflection shows something that is undesirable. For example, a mirror in the hallway might seemingly make the space feel roomier, but if the reflection of the mirror shows the toilet because it's positioned across from the bathroom door, this can be detrimental. Usually, your real estate agent will talk to you about the placement of your mirrors to ensure that they're serving as an asset.

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