Three Reasons For Every New Agent To Get A Mentor

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One of the challenges of being new to the real estate game is that you'll essentially be working on your own. In many cases, real estate agents work under the umbrella of a broker agency, but are largely responsible for developing their own clients, managing their own listings and, in some cases, doing their own marketing. Veteran agents are often fine with this setup, but there can be a steep learning curve for new agents. As such, it's important that if you're newly licensed, you look for a veteran agent who can play the role of mentor. Here are three reasons for you to find a mentor.

A Sounding Board For Ideas

As you get a number of real estate transactions under your belt, you'll feel more confident about the ins and outs of buying and selling. However, your first few transactions can make you feel unsure of yourself, and you don't want this energy to be evident to your clients. Having an experienced mentor is valuable for guiding you through these early weeks and months. Before you make a decision, you can bounce the question — and how you plan to proceed — off your mentor to get his or her approval.

Help With Pitfalls

Real estate agents can find themselves encountering pitfalls at various points during the buying and selling process, and it can be easy for such occurrences to get you stressed. You always want to seem in control when you're dealing with your clients; if they view you as being unsure how to proceed, they may be resistant to hire you again in the future or recommend you to people they know. When you encounter the inevitable pitfalls in the real estate process, a mentor will be able to help you to understand how to navigate these challenges, as well as explain how to avoid them again in the future.

Offering Encouragement

Your initial time as a real estate agent can feel a little lonely. While the other agents in your office are hustling to make deals, you might be sitting around and hoping that the phone will ring. This is a time that can make or break your career, so you don't want to give up because you're discouraged. A mentor can be extremely valuable as you navigate this new world, giving you some encouragement about how to proceed and even some tips on how to develop leads.

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