Retired Early? Look for a Home to Buy in An Area With Lots of Volunteer Options

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While some people work for most of their life to retire and live comfortably, you may have found yourself in a fortunate situation in which you could retire at a young age. With so much time on your hands, you may start to think about using your time to help others through volunteering.

If you are still renting and looking to transition to becoming a homeowner, you will want to consider all the possible volunteering options that you have with the home that you purchase.


If you are knowledgeable about computers, you can provide a lot of help at libraries. Most libraries have a lot of computers set up so that the people visiting can use them. But, sometimes they experience technical problems, which you can use your expertise to resolve them quickly.

Just being able to devote time to a library will help. For instance, you can handle the simple task such as organizing the books on bookcases or putting books away that have been returned.


Homeless shelters have a lot of work that needs to be done to provide food and shelter for homeless individuals. If you can find a home with a homeless shelter nearby, you will have a place that you can go to dedicate hours to every day of the week throughout the day and night.

If you love animals, you should not hesitate to prioritize homes near animal shelters. You can focus on ones taking in domestic animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits, and more. Another option is helping at wildlife sanctuaries where wild animals are rehabilitated and then released.


Whether you have children or not, you can volunteer at schools. Depending on the school and your skills, you may have a lot of flexibility in what you help with schools. You will also be able to choose from preschools all the way to high schools so that you can help kids at different ages. Buying a home close to a few schools will also be ideal for your children when they start school.


Most neighborhoods have local parks which you can volunteer at regularly. In some cases, you may be able to find a home near a state park or a national park open to volunteers. One of the tasks that will always be needed at these parks is keeping the entire park grounds clean.

When you are ready to buy a home and are committed to the idea of volunteering with some of your free time, you should consider these possible volunteering options while house hunting. Contact your local real estate agent for more information and assistance. 

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