How Do You Roll with the Punches as a New Real Estate Agent?

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You have passed your real estate agent licensing exam and are qualified to start helping people buy and sell their homes. This is a big hurdle, so congratulations! Your work is still cut out for you though; the initial years as a real estate agent can be volatile and challenging. How do you roll with the punches and keep building your business?


Networking is one of the most powerful tools for real estate agents. People like to list homes or buy from those they know and trust; after all, a home is one of the most expensive things most people buy in their lifetime. Attend networking events for real estate agents and would-be homeowners to get your name out there. 

Consider Getting Hired by a Firm

Attend a real estate agent hiring event to see what opportunities are available in your area. You may get the chance to speak with one or multiple agencies that are hiring. If you can show that you are talented and knowledgeable, you may land a position.  

This is something to be sure whether you want to do. Working through an agency will give you immediate cachet, because you can rely on the marketing and branding of the real estate agency instead of just your own name. There are some strings that come attached to working for an agency, such as sharing commission and having to follow the agency's standards for working with clients. Overall, many real estate agents find that the increase in leads and the increased authority and status of working with an agency is worth any potential drawbacks. 

Keep a Clear Head about What You're There To Do

You may have the dream of helping people pick their ideal homes, but real estate agents are there mostly to facilitate. People will make their own decisions, and they may argue with your guidance or go against your advice. Try to keep a clear head about what you're there to do: sell and make commissions. 

Have Backup Sources of Income

Your income may not be full time until you build up a name for yourself. You will sell one house, and then you may work on closing your next deal for months. Because the first few months may be inconsistent, it is a good idea to have other sources of income going on at the same time. Once you have started your network, you may start to get more continuous leads, listings, and sales. Until then, having backup income will help you stay afloat as you pursue your dream of getting established as a real estate agent. 

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