Property Listing Red Flags To Watch Out for When You Are House Hunting

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As if house hunting isn't enough of a struggle, nothing is worse than taking the time to go see a house that turns out to be a complete dud. There are many code words real estate listings often contain that can help you spot properties you might want to avoid wasting your time going to see. Listed below are some of the most common red flag words found in property listings

Red Flag: The Word "Vintage"

While vintage is a good thing when it comes to jewelry or furniture, it isn't always so great when it comes to home listings. The word "vintage" is often used to refer to a home that has not been updated. For example, a home with pink bathroom tiles or an avocado green kitchen sink will likely be described as vintage.

If you are looking for a home that hasn't had any updating in the last couple decades, then this can be a positive. However, if you prefer a more modern home, then skip the homes with the word "vintage" word in their listings.

Red Flag: The Words "Cozy" and "Intimate"

You may like a cozy feeling in your home and might think the word is being used in a property listing to describe how comfortable the space is. However, words like "cozy" and "intimate" are actually code words for a space that's smaller than average.

If you are searching for a small home, then listings with these words should certainly be considered. However, if you are looking for a larger home with big bedrooms, then you might want to skip touring properties with these words in their property listings.

Red Flag: The Phrase "Up-and-Coming Neighborhood"

Every property buyer wants to get a good deal on his or her next home. One way many people maximize their profits over time is to buy a home in a less-than-wonderful neighborhood that is believed to be on the way up. This way, when the neighborhood improves, the buyer can sell for a maximum profit. However, when you see the words "up-and-coming neighborhood" in a property listing, be on your guard. While the neighborhood may have seen some recent improvements, there is no way to know how the neighborhood will change over time. If you are interested in a property with these words in its listing, then you should speak with your real estate agent about the neighborhood and do some of your own research to determine if you believe it is actually improving. 

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