Three Tips To Help You Host A Succesful Estate Sale

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The process of arranging an estate sale can be necessary for disposing of the items of a deceased loved one. However, the work and planning that will go into one of these sales can be rather daunting for individuals to oversee. If you are currently in the process of attempting to arrange one of these sales, you should be sure to use a few tips to give the sale the best chances of success.

Have Major Items Appraised

Your loved one may have had a variety of items that may appear to be extremely valuable. It is important to make sure that these items are sold for as close to their actual value as possible. Unfortunately, individuals will often be unsure of what a fair price would be for highly collectible or otherwise valuable items. For this reason, you should have these items appraised so that you can better know what type of offer you should consider.

Market The Estate Sale

It is an unfortunate issue that many estate sales will underachieve due to the host failing to properly advertise the event. This can make it very difficult for those that would normally be interested in the estate sale from knowing that it is occurring. Luckily, there are many services that can help you with arranging an estate sale, and marketing is usually one of the included services these providers can offer their clients. If you choose to market the estate sale without professional assistance, you should consider using flyers and local print advertisements to help spread the word that the estate sale is occurring.

Understand The Local Tax Laws Concerning Estate Sales

Depending on the community where the estate sale is being held, it may be necessary to collect sales tax on the items that are sold. However, not all communities will require the collection of taxes on items sold at estate sales. For this reason, you must closely review the requirements for the community where the sale will be held. Depending on the value of the items that are being sold, it may be worthwhile to research this ahead of time so that you can choose an area that exempts estate sales from the sales tax. The local permitting or revenue office will be able to provide you with information about the tax requirements for an estate sale. It is essential for you to closely adhere to these requirements if you are to avoid the fines and other penalties that can come with noncompliance.

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