Fresh Out Of Real Estate Law School And Eager To Start "Lawyering"? Office Space Options

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You have just finished nine long years of law school, real estate training and certification, and the bar exam. Like most young, fresh lawyers, you are itching to start work. You have a few options on how to get started, but some may be more difficult than others. Here are your options, and how to look at them for the possibilities they are.

Getting a Job with a Law Firm

This is the hardest way to break into business because you are not working for yourself, and most law firms will end up handing you minor cases and/or researching real estate codes and regulations or violations. While these are important tasks in relation to making sure that property is legally handed off to new owners or that property has been sold or inherited legally, it may feel like you are not doing what you thought you would be doing. Given the nature of real estate law, you could have a bigger office and be doing more. Ergo, you will have to decide if this is really the office space you want and how you want to be using your real estate law degree.

Buying or Constructing Your Own Law Office

If you have a lot of law school debt, you probably do not want to buy or construct your own real estate law office. However, it still remains an option, and one which gives you more freedom to practice on your own in the way you had hoped. It may take up to a year or more to get yourself adequately established. During that time, you have to pay the mortgage on your office. If you are able to do that without going bankrupt, that is great. If not, you might consider renting office space instead.

Office Space Rental

Your associates from real estate agencies rent office space, so why not you? You work as both lawyer and real estate legal advisor, and you have other financial responsibilities. You want to jump right into work, work for yourself, and not worry about mortgage payments while you are trying to get your office/business established.

The easiest way to accomplish all of those goals simultaneously is to rent office space. This is a cheaper option, one which you can afford if you manage three cases a month (thereabouts). If you run into trouble getting enough clients, you can always give the landlord notice and work from home.

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