Why Mice Should Be Exterminated

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Pests can become a nightmare for homeowners, especially when there are a large amount of them to deal with. Some pests are worse than others, and there are various reasons why. For instance, rodents can cause a lot more problems than certain types of ants. Carpenter ants can cause damage to everything that is made of wood, but they are easier to live with than mice, and they're easier to get rid of in most cases. In this article, you will learn why it is in your best interest to get rid of mice as soon as possible if you have seen any running around your house.

Mice Can Destroy Everything

If you cherish your belongings, it isn't a good idea to allow even a single mouse to run around your home. Mice are known for causing a great amount of destruction. For instance, the pests are able to climb up clothes that are hanging in the closet and rip them to shreds. If you keep toiletries and other personal care items under your bathroom sink cabinet as most people do, mice can damage them as well. There really isn't anything that is off limits for a mouse to destroy in one way or another.

You Might Find Urine & Droppings

When there are mice running around a house, it is common for them to leave urine and droppings in various areas. For instance, one day you might grab a pot from under the kitchen cabinet and be met with mouse urine. The droppings and urine are usually found in the areas in which mice are known for hiding out in a house. Areas that are crowded with a large amount of stuff are the most ideal locations for mice to hide out in, and they will likely urinate there. Mice enjoy such spaces because the items gives them plenty to shred apart and obtain what is needed to build their nests.

Mice Are Bad for Your Health

The biggest concern about mice running around your house should be the harm that they can cause to your health. It is important to know that the pests are able to carry multiple diseases that can cause you to become severely ill. There are various ways that you can become ill via the diseases that mice carry. For instance, inhaling the saliva of the pests can lead to you getting sick if it is infected with a virus. Contact with infected feces and urine can also be harmful to your health.

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