3 Custom Home Trends To Consider

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From choosing a floor plan to picking paint colors and fixtures, building a custom home can become overwhelming. Fortunately, building rather than buying is also a great way to ensure your new home has all the features and amenities you not only need but also want. Of course, thinking outside the normal realm of cabinets and hardwood floors allows you to add a bit of personality to your home, too. Here are a few trends to consider when building a custom home.

Large Mudroom

A mudroom can be a great space for your home and family's needs. Often set off the garage and close to the kitchen, the mudroom offers a convenient space for you and your family to enter the home with ease.

When designing a mudroom, make sure it is large and spacious enough to accommodate multiple family members at one time. A bench of sorts is also a great addition to the mudroom. This will allow family members to sit down while they take off shoes and store away their belongings.

Shelving or cubbies should be built into the mudroom's design, as well. These shelving areas will help your family member store their belongings, keeping everyone organized while reducing clutter and messes in the rest of the home.

Upstairs Laundry Room

If you are building a multistory home, consider placing your laundry room upstairs. An upstairs laundry is beneficial for a few reasons.

Completing the laundry upstairs will help manage noise downstairs. If you are entertaining or watching TV downstairs, you will not have to worry about the noise of your washer and drying running.

If all of the bedrooms and most of the bathrooms are upstairs with the laundry room, there will be fewer trips up and down the stairs to gather and put away clothing, towels, and linens.

Cement Surfaces

Another trend many people are embracing is the use of cement for different surfaces in their home. While common for patios and driveways, cement can be a great option for countertop surfaces and your floors.

Cement countertops can add a modern, industrial vibe to your kitchen. This material is not only attractive, but it is also quite durable, standing up well against food spills, knife scratches, and hot pots.

For floors, cement becomes a strong, durable, appealing, and easy-to-maintain element for your home.

Building a custom home does not have to involve popular materials, fixtures, and floor plans. This guide will help you design a custom home that is valuable and trendy. Reach out to a company such as Charvold Homes & Properties to learn more.

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