Managing Office Development Projects

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The design and construction needs of a commercial office building can be unique when compared to other types of real estate. However, individuals overseeing their first office development project will be able to avoid some common pitfalls by learning about these considerations.

Consider Parking And Access

The parking and access needs of a commercial office building will be among the most important as it will impact the experience of both the workers in the building as well as any customers or clients that visit. For this reason, it is important to carefully consider the lot where the building will be constructed to ensure that there will be sufficient parking space for both workers and visitors along with having easy access from major roads.

Utilize Renewable Power Sources

Installing solar panels can help to reduce the overall energy costs of the building as it will allow for much or all of the building's electricity to be generated on-site. The most obvious benefit of this will be that it reduces the costs of operating the building, but it can also be a selling point to eco-minded tenants. Luckily, the costs of incorporating these systems into a building are modest compared to the cost savings that they can provide.

Allow For The Pre-Leasing Of Units

Individuals will often operate under the assumption that leasing these buildings will only be possible once they are fully constructed. However, it can be possible to take advantage of pre-leasing programs to allow you to start filling units before they are move-in ready. While this is a common practice, there are some communities that will regulate this practice. For example, they may have rules limiting the timespan when pre-leasing can be done.

Incorporate Amenities For The Entire Building

It can be difficult to make an office building stand out from others, and this can lead to difficulties with filling units. One way to combat this is to opt for amenities that can benefit the entire building. One example can be an on-site cafeteria or gym. Additionally, you can provide more practical amenities for the businesses, which may include meeting rooms and copy centers. Luckily, most of these amenities will require little in terms of on-going costs or maintenance while also providing major benefits to your tenants. However, you will need to plan for the inclusion of these amenities during the initial design process. Otherwise, they may feel cramped or be otherwise insufficient for the needs of your tenants.

For more information, contact your local office development services.

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