The Pros And Cons Of Buying A House For Sale Near A School

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If you found your dream house online but later discovered that it is located just a stone's throw away from a large school, then it's important you consider the pros and cons of the situation.

Pro: Homes in Good School Districts are More Valuable

If the school near your future home is a good-quality school, then this will make your property retain its value in the future. Parents are always looking to move close to good schools, so this helps the housing markets surrounding these schools stay strong.

Con: People Who Prefer a Quiet Neighborhood Might Be Scared Off

When it's time to resell your home, there will be some people who will not even consider buying near a school. Often, people who work at home and need quiet or retired people who are home all day don't want to deal with the noise or traffic associated with a school.

Pro: An Increase in Local Public Safety Measures

When you live near a school, it's normal to find a higher-than-average law enforcement presence. It can be a nice perk knowing that someone is frequently keeping an eye on the area.

If you happen to purchase a home in an area with snow, then you will also benefit with early morning snow plowing so that the city can get the streets open for the buses.

Con: An Increase in Traffic and Noise

Even small elementary schools increase the vehicle traffic and noise level in a neighborhood. Twice each day, cars and buses arrive to drop off and pick up students. This often causes temporary traffic jams that can wear on you after a while. However, if you are at work while school is in session, then this may not matter to you. If you have a child going to the school, being within walking distance is a huge plus.

In addition to vehicle traffic, school zones also have an increase in children running around and noise. Bells ring at the school every hour, kids go out to recess and raise their voices, and if you are on a corner, then the kids might cut across your grass while walking home from school. As with vehicle traffic, some people object to living with the school zone noise and the presence of a lot of children while others don't find it to be an issue.

For More Information

If you are still on the fence whether to buy a house near a school, then you should speak with your real estate agent about your concerns. Since your agent is local to the area, it's very likely they will have a lot of information about the specific school they can share with you to help you make the best decision.

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