8 Great Reasons To Buy A New Construction Home

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Today's housing market is healthy and homes are selling quickly. While you could buy an existing home, building a home from scratch is a unique experience that can help homeowners get the home of their dreams. Here are eight great reasons to build a new home today. 

1. Custom Built: New construction homes are custom built. If you act early enough in the construction process, you will be able to choose your colors and finishes. Make your new home truly a reflection of you and your style by choosing the final finishes and details.  

2. Design Variety: With many different floor plans to choose from, building a new home allows for plenty of design variety and allows you to differentiate your home from your neighbor's home. Floor plans and elevations reflect everything from a modern aesthetic and high end design to traditional design with a farmhouse flair. Whatever you have been looking for in a new home can be found in new construction.

3. Cul-de-Sac: According to NPR, National Public Radio, cul-de-sacs have been popular since the mid-1950s. Real estate developers love that they can fit more houses on an abnormally shaped parcel of land and, in turn, home buyers love the fact that they live at the end of a dead end street. 

4. Space:  When building a new home, choose a floor plan that is not only large enough for your current needs, but also one that has room to grow with you over the years. Be sure to add enough bedrooms and common room so you can spread out. 

5. Community: Do you want a cozy, small community where you can meet your neighbors or a sprawling, master-planned community with many activities and amenities? The choice strictly depends on your individual needs and the needs of your family. 

6. Room to Roam: While lots vary in size, from narrow, in-fill lots to several acres, new construction homes allow you to stretch your legs and enjoy your backyard, especially if you are moving from an apartment or condominium. Add a custom deck or patio at a later date and create your dream backyard oasis.

7. Affordable: New construction may be less expensive than you think. Builders and developers often have both attractive pricing and incentives to help bring homes well within your price range. 

8. Interest Rates: It's a great time to buy a home. 30-year mortgage rates are at an all-time low and should stay there through early 2020. Invest in a newly-built home while the rates are at historic lows

Buying new construction helps you get not only the exact house you want, but also a place to call home. If you're interested in a new construction home, consider the Brogden Estates New Homes.

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