3 Tips For Creating A Cozier Senior Apartment

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As you get older, certain aspects of everyday life can become difficult, if not impossible, such as keeping your home clean and maintaining your yard. While it may seem like a simple thing to take care of, over time, these everyday tasks can become very difficult, which can make people wonder if it is time to move into senior apartments. Here are three tips for creating a cozier senior apartment you will love for years. 

Add Textures and Fabrics

While you may or may not be allowed to paint the interior of your senior apartment, you can add color and interest by incorporating textures and fabrics. Consider putting down an area rug in your room and living area, and an interesting rug by your front sink to make the space stand out. Add textures and fabrics by incorporating different throw pillows on sofas and bed areas. If you are a quilter, think about hanging up a quilted tapestry on the wall. Small touches like this can really pay off when it comes to adding color to your space.  

Incorporate a Few Low Maintenance Plants

While some plants can be difficult to take care of, there are many others that require little-to-no care. Succulents and other plants that originate from the desert may be very easy to take care of, allowing you to fill your home with color that creates a beautiful, organic feeling. If you want to add plants to your space, visit a nursery and consider asking for snake grass or a ZZ plant, both of which require very little care, low light conditions, and a small amount of water. 

Create a Collage Wall

To make your new space feel more like a place you want to live, think about adding a collage wall to your house. Hang up photos of family members, favorite art projects, and other pieces that are important to you. Arrange these items in a fun, yet casual way, while still confining everything to a single square or rectangular space. By adding these touches to your living room, you can give people something interesting to look at when they come over, while also showing off your favorite art projects or mementos. 

Whether you have a family member or a friend who is thinking about moving into a senior apartment, do everything you can to help them to make the space warmer and more inviting. By making small changes to their space, you can create a sense of peace and warmth that can go a long way. 

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