5 Questions to Find the Right Office Size for You

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The right office rental provides the environment you need to work efficiently and functionally but also to be comfortable. But how much square footage is the right amount for your office needs? The answer depends on a few key factors. Here are five questions to answer. 

1. How Much Time Will You Spend Here? 

Your own comfort and practicality should be a priority. The more time you will spend in this particular office, the larger it likely needs to be. Someone who is usually on the road with pit stops to handle paperwork can usually get away with a smaller space. But if you will put in 8 hours a day here, a small space will get old quickly.

2. Do You Have Other Spaces?

How much you need to fit into this office depends on your access to other work areas. A cooperative rented office building often provides communal spaces like cafeterias or reception areas. You may also have access to a conference room or private meeting rooms. If so, your office doesn't need to accommodate these activities. But if the office is all you have, it will need to be larger to handle a variety of functions. 

3. Will You Meet Clients?

Who will be in your office other than yourself? If you will conduct meetings in this space, it should probably be larger. First, you'll simply need to comfortably fit more people inside the room at a time. Second, a cramped space could give the wrong impression to clients, partners, vendors, and other business associates. You want to look successful but not extravagant. 

4. How Much Do You Need to Include? 

Don't forget the practical matter of what equipment or files you need to put in the office. Someone who runs almost their whole business digitally and keeps everything stored in the cloud may not need much storage in the office. However, a tax accountant may need plenty of space to keep voluminous client files, computers, and other technical equipment. 

5. What Makes You Happy?

Finally, consider what will make you happy in this space. Whether you spend a lot of time or a little, the wrong size space could rub you the wrong way. A large space you don't need could remind you of the unnecessary drain on your finances. A tiny office may make you not want to work in it at all. Don't feel obligated to choose a size that you won't enjoy just because it's more practical or impressive.  

As you answer these questions, you will likely start to get a feeling for which type of rented office space is right for you. Learn more about options and ways to improve your experience by meeting with an office space rental service in your area today. 

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