Signs An Apartment Is Truly Luxurious

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When you look for a luxury apartment, you want a true luxury apartment. When you walk through a unit — and even in this age of physical distancing, it's still better to actually go into an apartment you want to rent if you can -— you can look for certain clues that the place really does live up to its luxury label.


Space is one of the more obvious clues; a very large place where you can really stretch out (so to speak) and that would never, ever be too small for your belongings is a great start.


This is an important one. An older apartment does not really qualify as true luxury just because it was redecorated. Adding high-end appliances is nice, but that does not automatically catapult an older place into the ranks of the luxurious. For that to happen, the entire apartment needs to be redone —the wiring, the plumbing, the fixtures, the appliances, the subfloor, everything. In other words, it would become a new apartment except for the very frame of the building.

Obviously, a new luxury apartment today will one day be considered old. But, looking at the age of the building and going for a newer one will make it more likely that you're really getting the luxury you're paying for.

Sound Insulation

Luxury apartments do not have thin walls. Good luxury developers make those walls as soundproof as possible. You may still hear some sounds, such as people walking by or a dropped item upstairs. But overall, luxury apartments should be peaceful.

You'll also notice a lack of plumbing noise from other apartments. Many places that have cheaper construction use PVC pipes for plumbing, and these can let out the rushing sound that water makes. Luxury places are more likely to use cast iron pipes that are quieter.

Overall, a true luxury apartment will feel more solid, be quieter, and be less likely to transmit vibration. You should not be able to hear traffic outside or loud stereos from other units. Living in the unit should feel easy and not restrictive; for example, you should be able to nap when you want, you should be able to plug a hair dryer into an outlet without tripping a circuit, and you should be able to use the latest entertainment technology or get the highest internet connection speed without worry.  

For more information about luxury apartments, contact a local real estate agent.

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