Choosing The Right Floor Plan For Your Next Home

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Whether you want to rent or buy a home, you should get a floor plan that fits your lifestyle. Otherwise, you might regret your lease or purchase. The wrong floor plan can also force you to use additional resources for renovations. Below are critical factors to help you choose the best floor plan for your household.

Household Age Range

People's needs change as they age. Find a floor plan that works well for everyone if your household members have different ages. For example, consider:

  • A single-story floor plan if your household members are aged and struggle with stairs
  • A floor plan with bathrooms and bedrooms grouped if you have young children and want to keep an eye on them most of the time
  • Wide hallways and entryways if you have children who run around or aged household members in wheelchairs
  • Bedrooms and bathrooms on different parts of the house for privacy issues if you have parents and teenagers in the household

Ideally, you will find a floor plan that works well for everyone, but some of you may have to compromise.

Entertainment Concerns

Some people entertain guests all the time while others rarely do. Different floor plans suit those two categories of people. For example, an open floor plan where the guests can walk around the living and dining room is great for those who love to entertain.

Some floor plans even allow guests to get in through the front door, meander around the house, and ease into the back garden. On the other hand, you may be happy in a floor plan that features distinct or separate rooms if entertaining guests isn't your priority.

Privacy Considerations

People place different premiums on privacy; some want private lives while others open up their lives to everyone. Your floor plan should reflect your privacy needs. For example, consider a dedicated dining room away from the kitchen if you value privacy. Bedrooms on isolated parts of the house also enhance privacy.

Work or Hobbies

Many people need workspaces or officers at home. Others also have prized hobbies that need dedicated spaces or rooms. Choose a floor plan that allows you to enjoy your work or hobbies. Otherwise, your work or hobby might clash with your household members' needs. For example, your home office should be separate from noisy areas, such as the living room.

Explain your needs to a real estate agent and let them help you find the right house. Don't rush your decision; take your time to find a good place. 

Look into places like two-bedroom townhomes if that style fits your needs. 

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