Design Choices To Make Before You Begin A Custom Home Build

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Building a custom home means you can virtually get anything you can afford. Yet, having an array of options can make a custom home build stressful because too much of anything can quickly become a problem. One way to avoid feeling overwhelmed is to make a few critical design decisions before the build begins.

Design Theme

Decide what type of design theme you want your home to model. Contemporary, traditional, and transitional are a few options. This decision is helpful because it creates a framework for the build that will make the selection process easier. 

For instance, with transitional styles, a clean, clutter-free look is the benchmark. Accent walls, ornate iron staircases, and other extravagant options are not typically found in homes with this style. Instead, less is more. Once you pass your style ideas onto the builder, they will also help steer you in the right direction for your design options. 

Governing Restraints

A custom home can only be as custom as the homeowner's association (HOA) will allow if the build is in an established neighborhood. Really before you even commit to signing a building contract — you should ask the home builder or your real estate agent to obtain a copy of the bylaws to find out what design restraints exist.

These groups establish everything from the type of material that can be used on the exterior to the roof color, and some go as far as to dictate what size a home can be. Once you have this info, you can build from it.

Home Function

Ask yourself what type of home you plan to build. Do you want a quant space for you and your partner to enjoy through retirement or do you need a space that is equipped to handle your frequent desire to entertain? Every person should know how they want their home to function before the design process begins.

For instance, if you enjoy entertaining, you want to be strategic about the placement of the bathrooms in the home, so that they are easily accessible. You also want to ensure the private areas of your home, such as your bedroom, are positioned away from the areas your guests will frequent

The more you pre-plan, the easier the build process and the more likely you are to fall in love with your new space instantly. Remember, the builder can help with every phase of the process, so ask for help if you need it. For more information, contact a custom home building service in your area.

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