3 Ways A Real Estate Agent Can Use Open House Showing To Improve Sales

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When you want to sell your house, you should contact a real estate agent as part of the first step. Not only can a trained listing agent help you with the logistics and paperwork, but they can use their marketing skills to help ensure your house sells for maximum value.

A real estate agent will often rely on an open house to draw in potential buyers and help ignite a possible sale. Check out some of the methods a real estate agent will use at an open house to improve sales and ensure your house sells.

1. Gauge Customer Interest

While multiple individuals may view a house online, the physical presence of potential buyers can dramatically shift interest. For example, a crowded open house could increase the urgency of potential buyers. Not only will people see the house in person, but they may see others they view as competition.

The end result of an open house may include multiple bids and offers on the house. The increase in competition could increase the bids and allow you to get even more for the asking price than you originally intended. A real estate agent will often host an open house at a time when the most people can show up.

2. Home Staging

Even if you still have a lot of items in your house, a real estate agent will take the time to make the home look as appealing as possible. The home staging process can include a wide range of little touches and details to make the house look appealing.

A real estate agent will use their experience to add some key elements to the home. For example, an agent may set up table centerpieces, bring some live plants into the home, or change up the lighting. Often, a real estate agent will try to introduce as much natural light as possible to make spaces look large and open.

Give the agent plenty of time before the open house to stage the home and help them out by packing away specific items or moving things around with ease.

3. Little Extras

A real estate agent will add some little extras to make your open house stand out. The agent may print out full-color brochures with all of the home's details. They may help draw attention to the open house with the use of multiple lawn signs and balloons. The extra street signs can help draw in potential buyers who just happen to drive by the area.

The little extras can increase the eyes on the property and help ensure your house sells.

Team up with a real estate agent to start the open house process and get your home on the market quickly.

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